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May 5
Poor Finish, but Car is Better

WOODHULL, NY (May 5, 2004) -- Saturday night, Ron White rolled off the grid 17th. In short order, he was making time on the top ten.

"The car was 100% better," White said after the race. "The car was better, I drove it better and its a funny thing, we finished worse."

With rain in the area, the track had standing water on the inside of the track. White was working well on the inside line and the car ahead splashed water onto the racing surface.

 All the horsepower from the Gor-Den Engine on board the No. 5W was getting to the ground and in the water, the tires spun out of control. White chased the car up the banking, sacrificing three spots. Through the next corner, White recovered and ran low again; same result. A car ahead splashed water on the track and White was left to chase the Mountain Dew-Playground Tavern Bicknell.

"I lost three more spots and we never really recovered from there," White said. "The finish is deceiving. The car was better and I was better, but we seemed to run a little worse."

The team had planned on lowering the track bar to get more bite on the speedway. Instead, the crew lowered the rear end as a whole and benefited just as well.

"I had great forward drive," White said. "Last week, we'd spin the tires on the straight away and we'd give up ground. I could run those guys down pretty easy, but we were out of rhythm.

"We didn't finish as well as we wanted to, obviously. But, we're figuring this place out. It's only the second week; it's still early. There's light at the end of the tunnel."

White will return to Woodhull, racing there so long as the point situation is to his favor. The Mountain Dew No. 5W will be at Ransomville (NY) Speedway's opener this Friday night and plans to head to Utica-Rome Speedway (Verona, NY) for the first Turning Stone Casino 358-Modified Super DIRT Series event in New York this season.

April 25
White Runs 8th at Woodhull Raceway
WOODHULL, NY (April 25, 2004) -- Yes, Ron. Woodhull is unique.

Woodhull Raceway, nestled deep in the Southern Tier of New York State is the newfound home of Ron White and his electric green Gor-Den powered Mountain Dew-Playground Restaurant No. 5W Bicknell 358-Modified.

"This place is different," White said. "It's fast, but the corners are so tight. You go sailing in there hoping the car ahead of you doesn't spin out. If they do, you're out of luck."

White, from Rochester, NY, was forced to Scott and Amy Drake's Woodhull Raceway after Black Rock Speedway dropped the 358-Modified cars from their weekly racing program. Woodhull was the lone local track within a worthwhile driving distance for White that featured exclusive 358-Modified action.

"We could have gone to Canandaigua, but in a small block with the straightaways there, the Modifieds just walk away," White said. "We want to get wins, not run for tenth at best."

Woodhull Raceway opened Saturday night. White was fast out of the box, but the track was uncharacteristically dry and slick.

"You just couldn't get into the track," White said. "It was like Rolling Wheels on a Sunday afternoon in August. You couldn't get the car to bite into the track."

White followed Billy Van Pelt and the purple No. 12 around the high-banked, paper clip-shaped speed plant in hot laps, finding the best lines around the track behind one of the track's most storied talents.

White drew the pole for his heat, which was not to his benefit as he was counting on having a car to follow in the opening laps. White eventually spun out, falling to the rear of the field. The No. 5W was not hurt and recovered unscathed. White picked his way back to the top five and would start the feature 10th.

"I had to feather it off the corner and then in the straightaways, at the top end, I was spinning the tires," White said. "The other cars would get away because I would be spinning my wheels and not getting as much drive."

In the feature, White backed up to 16th before feeling comfortable with the set up.

"This track is all about patience," White said. "If I have enough patience, I should run fine. I found a line late where I could pick by those guys."

White explained that patience will benefit a racer. When entering the corner, the cars will turn into a full broadslide, giving them impression of coming to a near stop. The cars will glide in and then hook up, driving off the corner. A patient driver will advance because the cars under pressure will likely miss their line, leaving an opening for a pass.

"I had to get it in my head that these guys weren't going to spin out ahead of me," White said. "I gave them room. If you tap them when they are hung out like that, they'll spin like a top."

White employed patience and smart driving to claw back to the top 10. He was able to get into the corners better, which limited the amount of momentum that was lost in the broadslide. This translated into better drive off and allowed White to improve.

"It wasn't easy to adjust to," White said. "It took a while to get used to, but once you knew they'd stick, you could get under them.

"We need to work on our bite. I have some ideas I want to run by Randy Williamson at Bicknell in Canada about track bars and how the tires heat up."

White was credited with 8th at the Checkers.

"We're happy," White said. "The car was good and I think that in a few weeks, we should be up there in the front.

White decided to go to Woodhull and will run there so long as the point situation is to his favor. White will be at Ransomville on Friday nights and also plans to run the full Turning Stone Casino 358-Modified Super DIRT Series.

Full Results Woodhull Raceway (April 24, 2004)
DIRT 358-Modifieds (25 laps):  Mike Jackson, Steve Hartman Sr., Steve Hartman Jr., Dylan Dewert, Stacy Jackson, Billy VanPelt, Lyle Sherwood, Ron White, Roger Williams, Larry Doolittle.
Heats: Dylan Dewert, Billy VanPelt, Curt VanPelt
B-Main: Frank Dunning.

Contact: Chris Marquart 315 729-3999/

Mar 14
Our race party was a success.  The weather was good and the food was great.  Thanks to all our friends and family that attended.  The season is fast approaching.  The body will be lettered and ready for pick up from Pilat this week.  The motor also should be ready for pick up from Joe at Gor-den by mid week.  Some minor final touches and we will be ready to head to Charlotte NC for the season 358 Turning Stone Casino series opener with a couple of minutes to spare.

Our last euchre tournament of the pre-race season will be March 27 at the Playground Tavern.  Sign up is 7:00 pm.


Jan 31
The season is coming fast.  The 2002 Bicknell we purchased in the fall is going back together.  The frame is freshly powder coated and the car is being reassembled to run in North Carolina at Lowes Dirt Track in April.  The 91 Bicknell left our shop today headed to a new home in New Jersey.  We still have 3 chassis for sale, if anyone is interested.

Our annual race party at The Playground Tavern in Rochester is February 22nd.  Email us for details and directions.  We have great food, raffles, watch the NASCAR race on the big screen and have a great time.

Nov 30

We received a call from Blackrock Speedway telling us they won't be running 358 modifieds at the track next year.  They feel they need something fresh and new to bring in the crowds.  This leaves us with the decision of picking a new track to call our home for 2004.  Email us to let us know your thoughts and opinions to help us pick a new home track.

The Dirt banquet at Turning Stone Casino was held last Saturday and was quite an event.  We received honors for our 13th place finish in overall points in the 358 division.  The food was fantastic and we had an enjoyable evening.


Oct 24

Although most people would have quit racing when so many problems confronted us, we are happy with our overall season.  Traveling the Turning Stone Casino 358 series meant making many good friends we would not have had the chance to get to know otherwise.  Congrats to Matt on a great win at Syracuse in the 358 event Saturday. 

The Dirt Banquet and Auction are in November. Watch to web site for updates.


Special thanks to FRAN HILTON for lending us cars, motors and anything we need to finish the season at Blackrock and run the series.  Without his help we would have been done racing in August.

for helpings us with repairs and letting us use their back up car at Brockville, Ont.

for letting us use their back up car to gain points at several races.

Thanks to DERRICK PODSIADALO, family and crew
for bringing their second car to Rolling Wheels and Brockville.

Finally thanks to everyone
fans, friends and family who helped us get from April to Oct. 2003.

Oct 12
Our race season is done. We managed to finish 6th in Blackrock points and 13th in overall 358 points.
Edelweiss, Drummondville and Frogtown took another toll on the race team.   Our motor was damaged and we had to look for help to continue the season.  The final  races were run using an assortment of cars and motors thanks to several race teams.
Aug 5-6

We are back at the series races after taking 3 races in the month of July off.  Merritville on Monday brought a 23rd place finish.  The following night at Ransomville Speedway the mud and weather conditions were far from ideal.  The pits were deep in mud after the bad rain storms.  The car ran better than Monday and brought home a 14th place finish.

July 25

The 91 brought us two more consistent finishes.  On July 25th a tire going flat cost us a few spots, but we ended up finishing 11th.  On August 1st the track was tacky and hitting a hole in turn 3 sent the car in the air and made everyone watching; as well as Ron, feel the car was going over.  It bounced a couple of times and continued on its way to our relief finishing 6th. 

July 18

The second week out brought uncertainty from us, wondering if the car could even be competitive.  The car and driver did its job.  The second week of fine tuning brought the car into the ranks of being a contender.  Starting 12th and working our way up to 4th was a large improvement from the week before.

We still would like to up grade our equipment about 12 years if anyone is interested in sponsorship.

July 11

The old chassis was brought out of the field and put back together to keep us in the points chase at Blackrock Speedway.  The week following the crash had many long hours spent preparing the old car.  It arrived at the track in time for the heats.  The car was far from impressive.  We finished 13th which was far from where we wanted to be.

July 4

The night at Blackrock Speedway started off with great expectations as we had purchased our first complete new Winters quick change rear end for the car and also were working with new torsion bars and tires. 

We were working our way to the front when tragedy struck.  A car made contact with us tearing off the front wheel and sending the car into the wall on the back stretch.  Sitting high on the back stretch with 0 visibility due to the dust from the track we were a sitting target.  The car was hit twice at full race speed and was virtually destroyed.  Ron was ok but visibly shaken.

We all know that our fans and friends will give us support to come back, however it will take finances we don't have to rebuild or replace the car.  If any one is interested in sponsoring a proven winner and a hard working team, e-mail Ron at our web site.  We would greatly appreciate adding you to the Mountain Dew 5w race team.
June 20

Consistent rain the last two weeks has canceled races at Blackrock and Utica Rome for the series race. We are headed North of the border Monday to race at Granby and Brockville Speedway. 
June 6
RWM's battle scarred car makes it to victory lane.

The race track was a little rough and tacky making for an interesting surface. The 25 lap feature started out on a bad note as our car was forced over the third turn bank.  The crew thought the car had to be damaged, but the car pulled away from the crash and continued.  The body looked ugly, but the Bicknell chassis was unharmed.  After surviving several more cautions the car sped through the field, passing Alex Hoag for the lead.  Our Gor-Den powered 358 never looked back as it made its way to the checkered flag on lap 25.  Our first win since 1999 was fantastic.  This along with our consistent finishes has edged us into 2nd place in points at Blackrock Speedway.
April 25

RWM put in another great performance Friday night at Black Rock Speedway.   Mountain Dew was the title sponsor for the racing events and we were gunning to show an awesome outing.   We started our heat race in the last row and had the lead by the end of the first lap, we never looked back for the popular win.

In the main event, the Mountain Dew car started in the eleventh starting spot.   The car was a rocket down low again, but on the high side it had a slight push.   Traffic was a problem, and at times I had to pass a car on the high side.   When I was driving on the top I had to drive the car harder to get it to turn, but she was up to the challenge.   We had passed a lot of cars up front to get to third, where we placed for the race.

This is the third time, out of the last five races, that we have taken third place at Black Rock.   If the car keeps running as well as it is, we'll be in the winner circle soon!

April 19
Race Team Back in Form

The second race night at Black Rock Speedway was just as cold as the first one was, but the track itself was completely different.   The track was nice and tacky this week, the perfect track for me to run on.

Once again we did not have a great showing in the qualifier, but the car felt good.   Since we were in a qualifying position anyway, I didn't want to push the car any more than I knew I had to.

We started the feature in 11th place, and by the time the checker flew, we had worked our way up to 3rd!   The car was a ROCKET down low.   In the past I haven't felt comfortable running on the low side, but this year I feel it's not a problem at all.

I believe we had a second place car easy, but there were some problems that arose which didn't allow me to drive the car to its full potential.   The steering bow needed replacing, and made each corner seem like I was going into it without power steering. (For those of you who haven't had power steering at some point, imagine the speeds and the turns on dirt!)   The visor was an issue as well.   It kept fogging up and made seeing the slower cars in lap traffic hard to see.

Overall, we were very happy with our finish.   It will help us in points and is a GREAT start to the season.   We'll see ya at the track!

April 13
Cold Start At Black Rock Speedway

Black Rock Speedway, in Dundee, New York, opened its gates for racing on April 12th.   The Mountain Dew car had a slow start, after hitting the wall in the heat race, putting us one spot out of qualifying.

We raced the B-main, starting on the pole, and never looked back taking the win to advance to the feature event.   We started the feature race in 19th and, and after the 25 lap event was over, we'd worked our way to an eleventh place finish.

The track was dusty and slick, not the surface I'm used to at Black Rock.   The car had no forward bite.   That being the case, I was happy to salvage an eleventh place finish.

We hope to see you all every Friday night at Black Rock Speedway, where RWM makes its home track!

April 7
Lowe's Speedway Was A Great Start For The Series

On April 3rd RWM left Rochester for Lowe's Speedway in North Carolina, not knowing we were leaving behind another ice storm, which left some people without power for days.   Lowe's Speedway though, was looking at sunshine and temperatures around 75 degrees for the first race in the Turning Stone 358 Series.

We thought we'd be a little behind the eight ball, since we didn't make it down the night before the race for the extra 2 hours of practice everyone was given.   No one said anything like that when the Mountain Dew Bicknell was unloaded though, as it was PERFECT!   It looked GREAT, it was fast, and, oh yeah!   It had a GREAT driver too!  (Can ya tell who writes this?) :) 

WE time trialed 23rd fast out of 56 cars registered.   After starting deep in the pack, we ended the 50 lap race in 13th place.   This is the best start of the series we ever had, and with the quality of drivers out there, we were very happy with it.

The track was really rough and it was one heck of a trip down, but the facility was TOP NOTCH and more than worth the long haul south.   The second race of the series is on May 11th and will be held at Utica Rome Speedway on May 11th.   We look forward to seeing everyone there!

March 24

Ron White Motorsports has made tentative plans to follow the entire Turning Stone Casino Series for 2003.   The series, happening from April up to the end of October, will have us traveling as far west as Merrittville Speedway, south to Blackrock Speedway, east to Lebanon Valley Speedway, and as far north as Edelweise Speedway.   The series consists of twenty-eight races of grueling travel. 

These races bring some of the top series competitors both locally and from afar.   Through all the hype of it though, it is exciting to see new tracks, race teams, and most of all, new fans.   I am looking forward to the series.   It's the level of competition I would like to run at and the direction my race team would like to go. 

We decided to not be located at any specific track on Saturday nights, to concentrate on the series and our weekly run for points at Blackrock.   Being a race car driver, it will drive me crazy to give up racing every Saturday night, but it's the best thing for the team.   We'd like to put our efforts into what we know we can handle.   However, if the opportunity arose, I would drive for another owner on Saturday nights.

Mountain Dew will be the primary sponsor for our tour car with associate sponsoring from Anytime Anywhere Towing, Custom Truck Creations, and Frito-Lay.

March 22
RWM Euchre Tournament at The Playground Tavern

Saturday, March 22nd, RWM will be holding a Euchre Tournament at The Playground Tavern at 591 Webster Ave, in Rochester.   There will be free beer and pizza for anyone playing and the cost of entry is 15$ per person, that's 30$ for your team.   You keep your partner for the entire set of games. 

Sign-up is by 7:00 pm and the top payout is 75$.   To reach The Playground Tavern, exit expressway 590 at Empire Blvd., head west into the city until Culver Ave.   Turn south (left) and go down Culver until you reach Bay Street. Turn right on Bay and about a half mile down, at the corner of Bay and Webster, is The Playground. (Hard to miss.)   Parking available in the back and along the street. 

This tournament is one of many events held for RWM at The Playground Tavern, owned by Dava Whiteman.   It has a long history of being a great place to enjoy a variety of beer, cold draft and bottle, and great food at a great price.   

Come down and join us at the party.   It's always a lot of fun, and hey, who wouldn't want to take the chance to teach our favorite Dirt Racer how to play cards :)

March 22

Frito-Lay enters its' third year with RWM as the official snack of our racing team.   (And you wondered why we're always in a good mood!)   Frito-Lay, affiliated with Pepsi Bottling Corp., has been a long supporter of the team and we are excited to be with them again in 2003.

Frito-Lay has several snacks for you to choose from, including Lays Potatao Chips, Ruffles Potato Chips, Rold Gold Pretzels, Doritos, Tostitos, Sun Chips, and, of course, FRITOS!   In the future, you may just see us with a Doritos car, wouldn't that be HOT!   Bet we can't have just one!

March 20

Pilat Graphic Design, a division of Paine Motorsports Inc., will be the official graphics designer for Ron White Motorsports for the 2003 racing season. Daniel Pilat heads up this Waterloo based graphic unit, and has sent several designs to choose from for our racing team.   Years ago, I worked with Dan when he was with Jr Graphics, and he did an excellent job for us. 

Pilat is located at 1164 Route 96, Waterloo, NY.   Their phone number is 315-539-8808.   Pilat had done work for several top racing teams, such as Steve Paine and Billy Decker.   As well as race cars themselves, Pilat does helmet graphics and racing suit designs for Leaf Racewear.   They'll even do signs for your own private business.

March 18

Custom Truck Creations, affiliated with Anytime Anywhere Towing, will be an associate sponsor for both the Blackrock car sponsored by Anytime Anywhere Towing and the tour car sponsored by Mountain Dew.   We're happy to add them to the team and looking forward to sharing a great season with them. 

Custom Truck Creations is located at 7352 Route 96 in Victor, NY (just 2 miles south of Eastview Mall).   They can be reached at 585-742-CAPS. Custom Truck Creations specializes in several creations for autos, trucks, and SUV's.   Some of their accessories include brake controls, tool boxes, ladder racks, snow plows, running boards, trailer hitches, wiring, truck caps, tonneau covers, and bedliners.   WHEW!   That's not even a complete list! Give Larry Cooper or Julie Gillet a call, they can make your vehicle a CUSTOM CREATION!

March 16


Mountain Dew will be displayed on all entries for RWM in the 2003 racing season.   Mountain Dew, a division of the Pepsi Bottling Corp., will be the primary sponsor on the entries we will field for the Turning Stone Casino 358 Series, along with any special shows we will be attending.   They will be joined with associate sponsor Anytime Anywhere Towing as we look forward to having a great year on our extra distance races.   Mountain Dew will also be an associate sponsor on the Blackrock Speedway car, the primary sponsor for Blackrock will be Anytime Anywhere Towing, located in Victor. We are excited to once again have sponsorship from Pepsi Corp., and we're anticipating another successful season with them.

March 14

RWM heads south April 4th!

RWM will be heading south to Lowes speedway, located in Charlotte, North Carolina.   The race will take place on Friday, April 4th, and is the first race of the Turning Stone Casino 358 Series.   This is the second year the Modifieds will be heading to North Carolina, but the first time the 358's will join them. I am sure there will be forty plus cars on hand for this race. 

We are excited to be heading down, as racing there will be a new experience for the entire team.   We ended the 2002 racing season with a lot of momentum, and hope it will follow us south.   Our goal is to qualify well and come out of Lowes with a good finish to start the series off.

March 12

RWM is expecting its New Baby around March 15th

The stork, in the likes of Bicknell Racing Products, will be delivering the new baby for Ron White Motorsports (RWM) around March 15th.  The new addition will grow into a 2400 lb adult in just a couple of weeks.   Our plans for her are to be the new tour car for the team.   She'll be green around adulthood and proudly display the Mountain Dew logo.   We'll be unleashing this monster for the second Tour race, to be held in Utica Rome in May.   This is our first new baby since 2000 and, like any expecting father, I've been counting the days until arrival!

Bicknell Racing Products, based in St. Catherine's, Ontario, Canada, delivers hundreds of these babies to expecting families all over the northeast.   We hope you join us in our excitement for our new family member, and all I can say is I hope she doesn't have my nose or ears!

March 10

Anytime Anywhere Towing & Service Sponsors RWM

Anytime Anywhere Towing, from Victor, becomes a major sponsor for  Ron White Motorsports (RWM).   It is nice to have another sponsor that is so close to my home town of Rochester, in the past it has been hard to get local sponsors.    I am really looking forward to having Larry Cooper and Bill Lockwood, the owners, affiliated with my racing team.   Anytime Anywhere Towing is located at 7411 Route 96, Victor, NY 14564, and can be contacted by phone at 585-924-5750.

They offer many services, including towing local and long distance, complete auto and RV service, truck caps, hitches and accessories.    They will be at the track each week to tow cars back to the pit, of course, we hope we aren't one of them!

March 8

Ron White at Blackrock Speedway this summer

Blackrock Speedway, located in Dundee, NY will be where Ron White Motorsports (RWM) will be spending the summer Friday nights in 2003.   We are looking forward to running there again.   We've had some success at Blackrock in the past and expect a great season.

Blackrock has some awesome competitors racing, when you win there you can say you've earned it!   Lin and Cindy Hough have done a lot over the last few years to improve the facility.   Lin, who in the past had great success in the 358 division, is a true racer.  He knows what the drivers, crews and fans want and a track record for delivering it.  This year, due to other business comittments, he hands the day to day running of the track to Gary Montgomery.   Gary has a passion unlike any I've seen in the past, and I'm sure he'll bring that passion with him to Blackrock.   Good Luck Gary!

RWM is looking forward to a great season this year.   We'd like to send an invitation out to all the fans to stop by the trailer after the race, as we'd like to meet each and every one of you.

March 6

GOR-DEN Motors to continue with RWM

GOR-DEN motors, located in West Seneca, NY will be under the hood for the second year with Ron White Motorsports (RWM).   We are looking forward to the season and feel very confident that our motor program will help us perform on the track.   Last season Joe, from GOR-DEN, was on the phone with us every week, wanting to know how we did and everything about the motor.   

We've been with a lot of motor builders in the past and never had anyone so concerned with the race team.    This is what customer service is all about!   It really showed on the track, not only was the horsepower there, but the reliability let us concentrate on the handling of the car.   It helped everything run that much more smoothly.

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